What Are The Ways To Deal With Hirsutism?

What Are The Ways To Deal With Hirsutism?

At young age, people are often very excited about learning sports and swimming simultaneously. Some are even very good athletes and have participated in every sport activities in school. Some of them are good at swimming as well but never wanted to wear a swimsuit. No! They were not shy of wearing one. But being a child then most of them noticed that they possessed a body with more hair on it which to them was very unusual. May be they have observed all the other batch mates who had lesser hair than their own. When people grow up a little and they are taught about genes and heredity features, this makes them think that all these unwanted hair are just because of their genes.

The most irritating part is the facial hairs which were more visible. So, most women want to go under laser treatment. But some of them are not allowed to do that. It is because mainly of their parents, who were too strict about this.

Hirsutism! What does that mean?

People like us who are not aware of all the reasons behind the unwanted hairs in our body like face, tend to blame our genes very easily. We never give it a second thought that there may be some other reasons behind such a condition. We see people who support this and believe it to be true. But then visiting a doctor who is an expert in this case is of no regret. People often reported that visiting a dermatologist has changed the entire game. 

Doctors have reported that people are often mistaken by blaming their genes. But when they came to know that this is a condition named hirsutism, and is not at all related to genes, they were even more shocked. They get to know the difference between the texture of the facial hair and the body hair from their skin specialists. If you have darker hair on your chest, face, neck, back and waist then it is nothing but hirsutism. It is a condition which affects only five to ten percent of women.

There is another condition where the face and the lower abdomen are affected. This is known as hypertrichosis. People may get confused or might make a mistake by considering the condition as hirsutism. Therefore, it is always preferable to go to a doctor without any hesitation. 

There are women who are shyer because of such a condition. They do not want to show in public because of the visible unwanted hair on their face which is irritating as well. But if you hesitate to visit a doctor then this condition may increase and may be more problematic in the days to come.

The various ways to deal with this condition

The following are the various ways to deal with hirsutism: – 

  • Balance of Hormone – There are certain times when the excess hair is caused due to hormonal imbalance. It can be improved by balancing and maintaining the weight of the body. But the hormones may be disturbed if you are someone with obese.

There is another reason that can cause the hormonal imbalance and that is the irregularity in the menstrual cycle. This may be the result of the syndrome of polycystic ovary. 

  • Medicated lotions and creams – These creams are prescribed by doctors apart from working on the hormones. The cream acts as a softener for the hair. It works slowly but gives a fair result in the long run.
  • Some alternative hair removal methods – There are certain options like shaving and waxing. These methods does not cause any harm to the body. It gives an immediate effect on the skin, but is temporary in form. There is a large number of women who uses these methods to get the desired result and get reed of the unwanted hairs on their body. 

Removal by laser treatment – Laser treatment is getting famous by each passing day. It is a more prominent method of hair removal. It is also less temporary in nature. The lights from the laser burn the follicles of the hair and thus result in the reduction of hair growth. It is a more permanent form of hair removal.