The 12 Best Recruitment Methods You Need to Know About

The 12 Best Recruitment Methods You Need to Know About

Hiring is often a laborious and lengthy process for any company. But for businesses trying to fill hard-to-fill roles, the process can become even more daunting. Creative strategies must be employed when searching for talent; therefore, in this article we’ll highlight 12 top recruitment methods you should know about.

Employers can utilize both active and passive recruitment practices to attract candidates for open roles. Passive recruitment entails using talent pools as an indirect method for finding applicants while active recruitment makes use of job ads to reach prospective hires. Most recruiters prefer passive recruitment methods because it saves both time and effort by finding applicants already interested in their role.

Job exchanges are an economical solution to fill hard-to-fill roles or seasonal ones quickly and cost effectively. Their purpose is to bring employers and candidates together in one central location; historically they’ve been used by manufacturing and agricultural industries – often workers wait at factory gates or local markets in anticipation of job lists being distributed there.

Work sample tests provide businesses with a valuable way to assess applicants. A typical work sample test includes writing tasks, but other skills like coding or data analytics may also be tested during these assessments. Businesses use work sample tests as a way of quickly and accurately identifying qualified candidates.

Companies can utilize full-life cycle recruiting software to streamline their hiring process. Such software enables companies to centralize and track candidate applications in one convenient place, making decisions simpler for team collaboration. Furthermore, some programs offer pre-screening tools which help eliminate under-qualified candidates quickly so you can make faster and smarter hiring decisions in less time.