What is the Documentation Procedure for Purchasing Second Hand Bikes in India?

What is the Documentation Procedure for Purchasing Second Hand Bikes in India

Buying Second hand bikes in India involves a lot of things. It includes the paperwork and related things. When you tend to buy a second hand motorcycle, you can transfer the actual ownership of the previous owner of the bike to yourself. You must obtain the relevant documents, including the original registration certificate (RC), Insurance certificate, PUC certificate and many more. The previous owners need to transfer the ownership to themselves legally.

The used bikes in India documents are required to get the Transfer Vehicle Registration Certificate, which will give you legal possession of the bike. All you need to do is write these documents at every step shortly. Right from the point of purchasing two-wheeler insurance to choosing to ride a motorcycle, all these documents are entirely mandatory for one before buying a second hand bike for sale in India.

List of the Crucial Documents While You Plan to Purchase Second Hand bikes in India

To obtain the Transfer Vehicle Registration Certificate (TVRC), you’ll need vital documentation related to the motorcycle. It includes the below documents;

1: Registration Certificate (RC) Book

The Registration certificate is vital official documentation that functions as proof of the bike registration. It would require the transfer of the bike ownership at the RTO. It is mandatory to obtain the RC book from the seller when buying a second hand bike. Check and verify the RC book to ensure that it contains the seller’s name, engine, chassis and other sorts of detail. There are cases of purchasing the motorcycle on loan. In such cases, you’ll get Form 35 and a NOC letter from the bank to clear the pending dues.

2: Insurance Certificate

The insurance certificate document is a must for the vehicles running on the Indian roads. If you don’t have any insurance certificate, then the vehicle won’t be registered by the RTO. Obtaining an insurance bike certificate from the seller before you sign any deal is essential. As you get in touch with the bike insurance company, you can transfer ownership yourself.

3: PUC Certificate

The Pollution Under Control is the most important legal document to check while you buy a used bike. It is crucial for every two-wheeler operating in the country to have a valid PUC. It chiefly certifies that the pollutants are released by the vehicle who’ll purchase the amenable as per the pollution control standard that is made up in India. Any two-wheeler which is issued with the PUC will pass an emission test. It contains the serial certificate number, license plate number, test date, test readings and certificate of the expiry date.

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4: Sales Receipt

There are some vital requisites to procure the sales receipt and a seller’s signature. It is highly mandatory to obtain the sales receipt from the vendor if you are buying second hand motorbikes from top platforms. They will provide you with all details. But if you choose dealers, you must take the sales receipt. The buyer and seller’s signatures will confirm the agreement for both parties. The receipt is proof that shows you the list of the add-ons, sales taxes and excise tax as well.

5: Road Tax Certificate

Buy second hand bikes from pre-owners but never forget to acquire the road tax certificate from the seller. It is usually paid either annually or on a one-time payment to the regional transport office. It is proof that shows the legal liabilities based on the motorcycle. The deed transfer must mention the engine, chassis and registration number. With all the ID proof and signatures, the seller can give the documents to both the buyer and seller to avoid legal complications.

6: Transfer Deed

You need to transfer the deed as you choose to buy a used bike. The documents signify the sales and ownership transfer from the seller to the buyer. It ensures that the seller won’t have any legal liabilities on the sold used bike. The buyer and seller must sign the copies of it along with the revenue stamps that are fixed on it.

How helpful is it to choose a platform to sell old bikes?

As you choose a genuine platform to sell old bikes, the transfer of documents is all taken care of by them. Likewise, the top omnichannel brand CredR offers the most user-friendly approach when buying or selling second hand bikes; you can choose an effortless process. It is entirely taken care of by the experts here, and the documents are not at all the headache of the seller or the buyers. Choosing a platform like this will make your procedure to sell used bikes online easy.