An In-depth Analysis of the Godseal System in Revelation Online

Revelation Online

Offering a unique gaming experience, Revelation Online is an MMORPG that incorporates the Godseal System as one of its critical aspects, providing an extra layer of strategy and skill to the game.

The Godseal System: what is it?

Revelation Online has introduced the new Godseal System, which provides gamers with an extra set of abilities. By utilizing Godseal slots, players can equip themselves with various Godseals that have their own special effects. This system is in addition to the conventional skills, attacks, and ultimate skills available.

Picking the Ideal Sacred Markings

Players must be mindful when selecting which divine imprints to equip in the three available slots as the outcomes are dependent on their battle circumstances. For example, the “endless vitality” imprint is ideal for Linglong and Liuguang professions as the healing power of their skill is calculated based on their healing power. Conversely, the “fight for supremacy” imprint is suitable for all professions that require damage dealing, healing, or tanking.

For secondary professions, it is generally suggested that they use the “moving the stars” imprint. However, output professions are encouraged to employ it while engaging in PVP. The “free and unrestrained” imprint is suitable for all professions and has proven to be beneficial in PVP, as it increases the user’s ability to pursue and flee. As the location of the divine imprints is a must if one wishes to activate extra skills, the player must decide on the right position based on their current battle scenario.

The cultivation of Divine Imprints is a concept that is becoming more and more prevalent. It is a process in which one attempts to bring out the divine qualities that are already imprinted upon one’s soul. This cultivation involves a deep level of introspection, self-reflection, and awareness of the divine within. Ultimately, the goal of this cultivation is to create a connection with the divine that allows one to experience a greater sense of peace, joy, and fulfillment in life.

The divine imprints have distinguishing features and four additional qualities that can be unlocked when the imprint reaches a specific level. Players can refine the supplementary attributes by utilizing the imprint’s material scraps and an item called “Falling Star Sand” for experience. When refining the imprint, players can secure particular attributes they don’t want to get rid of, although this will call for more resources.

A new version of Divine Imprints is now available for use. This updated version provides more features and capabilities for its users.

Increasing the level of divine imprints with Falling Star Sand can enable them to access more secondary attributes and raise their rating. The battle for divine imprints, star-rated chests in the campaign, and the support rewards of the campaign are the major sources of Falling Star Sand. As the divine imprints level up, the secondary attributes that are added become more potent.

The Blessing of Divine Imprints

Each divine imprint has a specific rating and when a player cultivates it to a certain level, the attribute blessing tied to that rating will be enabled. An example of this is when the imprint is brought up to 1175, the attribute blessing that is associated with the 750 rating will be triggered. These blessings do not need any equipment and are effective the moment they are unlocked. However, due to a lack of resources at the start, it is best to focus on cultivating the primary divine imprints first.

The Unveiling of Divine Imprints

To unseal divine imprints, players need the appropriate unsealing materials, which include Star Shift, Sky Select, Incarnation, and Free and Unrestrained. When unsealing, a new imprint will be randomly generated in one of the three slots with a one to six-star rating. If it is lower than the current divine imprint, it will be disassembled and the number of materials obtained will depend on its rating. If higher, it will take the place of the existing one.

Divine Imprint unsealing materials can be acquired from both divine imprints’ battles and Qingqin guard battles. Rewards for completing levels in the divine imprints’ battle and the territory war points shop are the two main sources for these materials. It is noteworthy that the maximum stamina of the divine imprints battle is 180, and each challenge uses up 20 stamina. Players can replenish 5 stamina each hour, so it is wise to use the stamina efficiently to avoid wasting it.

Players can get divine imprint unsealing materials through the Divine Imprint Battle Contract, an event where they can be rewarded with materials fragments, falling stars sand, and the essential divine imprint unsealing materials for upgrading. This feature has three levels of difficulty: Consultation, Strong Enemy, and Decisive Battle, each with 30 levels. To progress to the next difficulty level, players must complete all 30 levels of the preceding one.

Players can get extra unsealing material fragments by taking on the divine imprint bosses or getting the needed amount of stars in the Divine Imprint Battle Contract. After finishing the initial challenge, they are given daily boss rewards, which includes a divine imprint box that gives them unsealing material fragments.

The adversary’s advantages in Divine Imprint Battle vary depending on the level of difficulty, and competitors have six chances to upgrade them. The initial three updates are free of charge, while the subsequent three require binding jade, which must be bought. Therefore, gamers must be judicious with their resources and mull over their alternatives cautiously.

To end, divine imprints can lend a power boost to gamers, multiplying their strength up to 15-fold. As such, gamers can try to advance their divine imprints to help their odds in the divine imprints competition.

Wrapping Up

Revelation Online contains an important feature, the Godseal system, that requires players to put in a lot of effort to understand it. To become proficient in this system, gamers can read various guides and use the Redfinger Android emulator as a training platform. This emulator can help them practice and hone their skills in the Godseal system.